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Imagine you are in a conversation with your team member and everything feels stuck. The person in front of you cannot stop talking about everything that goes wrong, that is hard and difficult.
You hear this and wonder how you can bring back the conversation to something more productive.

What’s one possible way?

There is a powerful question that I learned relating to this kind of situation:

“What would you like to have happen instead?”

It is a question that allows us to direct someone’s attention to possibilities and options, rather than fortifying their problem and negative views. It is a beautiful coaching accelerator, too. Very often, we say that coaching feels slow and takes longer, but that is often the case because we spend enormous amounts of time analyzing problems and fleshing them out in details. However, in the words of a wise person, ‘The solution does not care where the problem came from’.

In this podcast, we explore how this question is used and what effects in can have. We also discuss its limitations.

Best, Maik

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