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Podcast Show Notes

In this podcast, we will explore the 5 Levels of Listening (by Stephen R Covey).
I explain what they mean and give some behavioral marker examples.

The 5 levels are:

1. Ignore – not giving any attention
2. Pretending – faking listening signal behaviors, but thinking about something else.
3. Selective – zoning in and out..listening with an agenda and for something specific
4. Attentive – give their full attention to the person they are listening to; but still in order to apply their own solution, in their own frame of reference
5. Empathetic – We accomplish something incredibly important: a perspective change to see the world within the other person’s frame of reference

In a nutshell: To be effective Coaches, we must listen on the highest level as it involves an active, deliberate perspective change. We leave our own frame of reference and see the world through the eyes of the person we are talking to.

Enjoy the episode!

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